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The Bona Fide Business Guide Executive and Business Coaching

Our goal is simple: to help you take the actions necessary to achieve your highest potential and to ensure your business can reach greater levels of success.

What are the benefits of coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs?

  • Higher productivity and less stress
  • Better teamwork across your organization
  • Increased comfort and confidence leading
  • Improved impact and leadership presence
  • Increased morale and decrease turnover
  • Ability to spend time on fewer hassles and fires, and focus on more strategic issues

What does coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs involve?

Drawing on more than 20 years of hands-on experience working to resolve the challenges of businesses on the Fortune 500 list to those faced by solopreneurs, our Guides have created The Bona Fide Business Guide Coaching Framework which identifies key areas where focus is needed so that you can be the best leader possible at the helm of a company you feel fulfilled leading.

    The Bona Fide Business Guide Coaching Framework

    Type of Coaching Outcomes

    Behavioral coaching

    By changing a single behavior or developing a single new skill/competency, you can have an improved impact and stronger working relationships with direct reports and others in your circle of potential influence.

    Perceptual coaching

    By reframing limiting perceptions, you can develop entire new ways of operating your business including how you engage and mobilize employees and other stakeholders.

    Influencing others

    Learn how to managing others effectively and reach your goals depends by strengthening your ability to influence others using balanced, mutually beneficial techniques.


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