Lost After Found?

With so much time, energy and money directed by businesses at being “found” both online or offline, it’s equally important to make sure you are ready for what comes next. What happens after your business is found? Are you ready to deliver or are you at risk of losing because the product, service and experience are lacking?

After someone finds you, what happens next? Do you:

  • Offer something of value?
  • Follow up or flake out when it comes to answering questions or comments?
  • Build a relationship beyond short-term gain?
  • Deliver an experience that your customer loves and you can be proud of?
  • Empower staff to satisfy every customer?
  • Provide reassurance that someone has made the right move to do business with you?
  • Have an environment that makes customers feel welcome and your team proud?
  • Take action to ensure that customers will want to do business with you again?

Being found is relatively easy in the digital age, so is having a business that is lost when it comes to consistently delivering an experience and product that makes customers’ search efforts worthwhile. Make sure you are ready to be found!